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I almost think that should be the name of a magazine. Seriously. The African woman amazes me. Their necks have more strength than two of my right arms. And their backs...those babies live on their mama's backs with nothing but a towel to hold them! How often I used my babies and my kids, as they've gotten older, as an excuse for why not to do something! But these women don't see children as an interruption to their daily life, but rather a part of it, in every way. I always feel challenged and inspired when I see this...

eunice working

This is Eunice on outreach. Gardening with the rest of them, her baby on her back. Some of the team ended up taking Sandile for her, but not because she needed them to. It was probably because it's easier to hold a baby than garden. (wink)

And then there's this that I sighted in Uganda. From what I can tell, that's 7, count them 7, tables, ladies! Not only is she carrying 7 tables, but she's got that baby strapped to her back! I mean, can you imagine!?

african woman

So, what do you think? Do you concur? Are African women amazing or what?

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  1. Absolutely!

    Amazing is an understatement!

    Here, the older ladies carry 50 pound sacks of potatoes on their heads. And put babies in strollers parked next to them in the field, because they're babysitting for their daughter who is the mother of the baby, whose working in a factory somewhere....there's such a generation gap in Portugal.

  2. They are amazing, and I totally agree with what you said about them incorporating the children into their daily life. In America, it is so easy to become child-focused families who don't do anything that disrupts the routines of the kids. I think there is a thing or two (or twenty!) that we can learn from these beautiful, hard working women!

  3. Yes, I totally think African women are amazing!!

    Can I also give a shout-out for babywearing??! :) We do so much with our kids that 'normal' families wouldn't contemplate. After the baby grows in your womb, you get used to carrying that weight, and carrying the baby after s/he is born isn't as hard as it looks.

    Not that I'd want to work in the fields or carry 7 tables, but I have hiked up Mt Sinai, down and back out of Bryce Canyon, and taken sunset beach walks with a baby sleeping on my back, to name a few of my favourite not-stroller-compatible outings!

  4. Absolutely concur! A few weeks after I returned from my visit, I saw a documentary called "A Powerful Voice" about women. It focused on four women, one of whom was African. We are in a time for true empowerment of women to literally change the world, and it starts in each of their tiny developing communities. What man would have the patience and strength to do the things women do with such grace EVERY DAY. It's by design and its amazing!!


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