The Father's Day Post

1:03 AM


I hope all of you had an excellent Father's Day! We sure did! After church, we had a nice family lunch and just spent time together. Holidays are always a reason for photos so here's some I took of the kids and their daddy!


the kids and their daddy

lovely people

silly boys

sweet moment

smelling flowers

daughter kisses

I asked Joshua how he would describe daddy. "Silly and cool." And I asked Emma Grace what her favorite thing was to do with daddy. "Cuddle with him!" Daddy, we love you!!!

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  1. GREAT pics! I love the first one!! :) It is such a blessing to know our children have a great earthly father! and a wonderful heavenly father! They are so blessed!!

  2. I love this post! The pics are awesome!

    Maybe I can get our 'daddy' to hang around with the kids and let me take photos like that!!

  3. Awwwww. Love these photos of Jeremy and the kids!


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