It's A Knitting Hat Frenzy!

1:06 AM

hat frenzy

It's true. While the DTS was on outreach, what did I do? Knit hats! You see, I got this great idea. The students were on outreach near the equator where it was hot, but they were coming back to South Africa, where winter is fast approaching. So what did that mean? They needed a little something to keep them warm!

I had so much fun picking patterns and colors that seemed just right for each person. And because I actually thought of it soon after they left for outreach, I had about 6 weeks to make 9 hats. In case you want to check out the free patterns I found, here they are!

First up for little Sandile we have a kid's roll brim hat. I think roll brim's are the cutest!
roll brim hat

Left, a red Pastaza Skull Cap and right, a Cabled Hat (my first try at cabling!)
men's hats

Left, a Ribbed Hat and right, a Stashy Hat (absolutely love this one!)
my hats

Left, a purple Odessa, and right, an orange Felicity.

Left, another chunky knit beanie and right, a seed stitch hat by Lion Brand using a patterned yarn.
women's hats

And finally (drum roll, please) a pink Butterfly Hat!
pink butterfly

I went early to our debriefing destination and put their hats on their beds. I was so happy to see they liked them and wore them for the cold 2 days we were in Sabie!

the ladies!

boys being pests

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  1. The hats look great!
    You're a pro! ;) And a great gift for the students, something hand made by you.

  2. I love this! What a beautiful gift. I'm almost fnished with my first scarf and can't wait to make hats! I had to stop myself from buying all the knitting books at the store yesterday... :)

  3. Wow Jen, you are going knitting crazy! About how long does it take you to make one hat? I haven't figured out how to read patterns yet. I am almost finished with my scarf, and I started on a blanket with fatter needles and I am loving that. It is coming along fast!
    I am looking forward to making my first hat. Have you tried socks yet?

  4. You have SUCH a "mommy" touch on things! :o) I LOVE it. :o) Really nice hats, I love 'em! :o) I bet your DTS students did too! :o) What a cool gift. :o)

  5. Those are such great gifts!! And now I'm going to have a lot more hats in my Ravelry queue... :)

  6. You are so crafty!!

    I LOVE the red one with stripes....

  7. How did all these posts get up without my noticing? It HAS been a busy week on my end, but it looks like it's been just as - if not more - for your blog!! I'll catch up ... or maybe just go forward.


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