Macaroni And Cheese

1:20 AM

mac n cheese

Why is it, when my spouse is away, cheese seems to become its own food group? Grilled cheese, nachos, and the favorite...mac-n-cheese. Needless to say, since Jeremy was away this week, the Price household got a little cheesy (I know, that was a bad joke). The favorite, though, is always homemade mac-n-cheese. Sorry Kraft lovers but nothing compares to that homemade bowl of goodness when all those cheeses bake together! A favorite recipe I use is this one, simple and basic enough that you can add your own touches!

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  1. Hey there! This post reminded me of my friend's blog that I thought you may enjoy.

    The Jennings were in uganda with IMB, and then North American mission Board (Idaho perhaps?) and are now somewhere in the south. They're a great couple with a beautiful family. You should check them out! They'rea t

  2. Homemade mac-n-cheese could NEVER be beat by a box!! Bake it, eat it, LOVE it!


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