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Ok, these giveaways are becoming way too fun! When Jeremy was in Hong Kong, I asked him to pick me up a fun giveaway. He did a great job! Can you imagine taking capri sun packets and making a purse out of them? Sounds sticky, right? But that's exactly what I have! And it's extremely cool. So cool that my 4-year-old picks it up and announces that she's going shopping!

capri sun purse

capri sun purse

I'll run the giveaway for one week, ending next Tuesday, June 23rd at 9 PM South African time. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. Now I don't know about you but I remember drinking capri sun as a girl. Don't they still have those sugary juice packets in the local grocery? In your comment, let me know if you have a favorite flavor! A winner will be chosen randomly and announced on this post. And I will ship anywhere (just be patient with Africa's shipping time!) Good luck!


And the winner is...

LisaG said...

"Jen, what a great idea.... this has to be a one of a kind... I think the ones my grandkids like the best were the original flavor.. I think I even liked them as well...lol
Hope you're doing well..."

Thanks for participating everyone!

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  1. So cool and fun!!! Your huband did a great job picking up the giveaway.

    I don´t think I have ever drink capri sun but my girls like the orange and the limonade ones :)

  2. Cool bag!!! Grape's the flavor for me!

  3. Jen,
    I love that purse! My kids lived on Capri Suns! They always drank Pacific Cooler. Jocelyn would love to get a look at how they made that purse. Way to be green Hong Kong!

  4. How funny! We bought some last night for vacation. Did you know that now they have some without added color? Perfect for the car!

    What an interesting idea - to use the bags . . . to make such a neat bag.

  5. I think Jeremy did a great job too...
    Favorite flavor - I dont have one b/c I'm with you Jen, I dont think I remember drinking capri sun...and not much of a fruity juice drinker now. :)
    Thanks for another giveaway.

  6. Oh yes - sign me up, please! Orange is a great color for me!! I don't remember a favorite flavor, but what I do remember is sucking out that last little bit of juice, which was mostly mixed with air, that always created a funny aftertaste!

  7. I've always loved South Africa's funky, "Fanta"/ recycled digs. This purse is adorable!

  8. I am entering this for my mother's sake, and for the record, pacific cooler was not my favorite flavor, she simple always bought it for us. =D

  9. I too love Capri Suns and Pacific Cooler really is my favorite flavor! That is one awesome purse! Love you guys!

  10. Enter me please!!

    Here, I've seen them make recycled bags out of the coffee packages...you know..the aluminum type stuff like capri-sun's have.

    That bag is sooo cute!!

  11. So Cute!!! I was just talking about how we call Capri Suns "juice boxes" when in fact they are not boxes at all. Ha,ha! I also grew up drinking my fair share, maybe more. My favorite flavor was definitley Pacific Cooler!
    I noticed that Capri Sun has recently started a recycle program where schools can earn $$$ for pouches that are returned. Who can pass up such a great little drink and help the environment while earning money for your schools.
    Christina (Grubisa) Self

  12. What a great way to reduce,reuse,recycle!!!

  13. Jen, what a great idea.... this has to be a one of a kind... I think the ones my grandkids like the best were the original flavor.. I think I even liked them as well...lol
    Hope you're doing well...

  14. Such a cool bag, Jen! I finally got a chance to check out your blog and I LOVE it. You are amazingly talented and blessed. So good to see you guys serving God in Africa! : )

    Oh, and I think we like Mountain coolers the best at our house ; )

  15. So fun! I've seen some ladies make some out of those, but never one that cool! I think my favorite flavor would have to be the Pacific Cooler. Delightful. Also, I finished knitting my first hat! Hooray!


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