School Photo Days

1:10 AM

Do you remember those days of dressing your best, combing your hair, and looking extra nice on that one day of the year that your school photo was taken? You had to look your best otherwise that bad hair day and crooked smile forever marked that year. That's a lot of pressure! The kids recently got their school photos for the year. So what will forever mark Emma Grace's year of pre-primary? Those tats!

gr. 1 school photo joshua

pre-primary school photo emma

Of course, they look adorable. But...I'm still a fan of my everyday random photos in the outside world!

cool joshua


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  1. Awwww! Your children are very good looking (tats or not! I'm sure she'll laugh about them in future years!) and your photography is fantastic!

  2. I'm with you...give me out door, random shots any day!!

  3. COMPLETELY agree, your pics are FULL of personality!

  4. You're so amazing...your photography, knitting and crafts!!
    Do you sell your creations?

  5. Aawww, I love that last one of your daughter and yeah, I agree with you, the everyday around the house, with their actual expressions are so much more my favorites

    You got some cute kids girl

  6. lol The tattoo's are cute. :)Atleast their hair is all in place. I remember when I was a kid they always took our pictures like after gym or being outside and our hair would look all crazy.


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