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elizabeth and kids

That's the name of the Home Based Care Program that our friend, Elizabeth, runs in Kabokweni. In an average week, up to 140 kids find themselves at her house eating a hot meal. Elizabeth's love for these kids is so evident. She stirs the pap with a smile on her face, warmly greets the kids with loving words, and even takes them into her home when the need arises.

feeding line

As I sat and talked with her the other day, I was reminded how much I love this woman. Despite the struggles and difficulties, she knows she's right where God wants her, caring for the orphan. Please pray for Elizabeth and her team. They've been running the feeding program in Kabokweni for about a year now and the numbers have already more than doubled. Kids know they can come there not only for food, but also for love and everything they would find in a "home."

eating lunch

I am very excited to bring you Tender Treasures from Kabokweni in the upcoming weeks. There's some amazing kids with heartbreaking stories that you will get to know and pray for!

kids eating

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  1. Lizzy, Lizzy, gorgeous, beautiful Lizzy. Next time you see her, will you PLEASE give her a big hug from me.

  2. I always love learning about all the people around you. Just beautiful posts


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