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cup of azteca

When we lived in New Haven, there was a little jewel downtown called Moka. A hot chocolate shop where you could buy a rich mug of goodness in just about any flavor. Our favorite? The azteca. Did you know that the origins of hot chocolate are found with the Mayans? It was a spicy, chili concoction, minus the sugar which was added later. If you haven't tried an azteca, you must! I used my favorite hot chocolate recipe and then added 2 teaspoons cinnamon and 1 teaspoon chili powder. Then I kept adding chili powder until it was the spiciness I wanted. The way we like it is that there is a slight burn as it travels down the throat to the stomach. Try it and enjoy!

enjoying azteca

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  1. That sounds fabulous! Have you tried Chili Dark Chocolate Lindt bars?

  2. that sounds awesome..cant wait until winter to try it!


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