Birthday Crafting :: Round One

12:50 AM

birthday gifts

We've celebrated the first round of birthdays around here, so I can show you my first round of birthday crafting! My sister-in-law, Anneke, kick started the birthday month followed by Zach and Keri. I had so much fun crafting for all of them!

For Anneke, I made felted baskets. It was my first time at felting. Although they came out a little smaller than I would have liked, I love the idea! I got the pattern from one of my Art of Knitting magazines.

anneke's felted baskets

Every time all of us are back at Jeremy's parents, Zach always gets his favorite breakfast. WAFFLES! So the waffle stitch hat just seemed appropriate for him. He must like it because he's worn it ever since he got it!

zach's waffle hat

Keri's gift was the muse hat. I love the holes this pattern creates. Made out of a bulky yarn, it's thick enough for cold days, but the holes give it a springlike touch.

keri's muse

Round 2 of crafting has already begun with festivities commencing next week. Stay tuned!

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  1. Those baskets are so cool Jen! Found out this week that my brother in law's girlfriend can crochet and two of us can knit (although I'm still very much a beginner!), so maybe the girls of our family can start getting together for some crafty time. :)

  2. I love these Jen.. You do such a fabulous job... Very unique, that's what I like.. By the way, I love my purse....thank you again.

  3. Felting is VERY fun!! Once you get started it's hard to stop.

  4. It is fun, Tami! I love it! Jennifer, that's so fun to have family craft time! I really want to learn to crochet. Hopefully someday!

  5. Jen, I am a huge fan of felting!! I wholeheartedly agree with Tami - once you start it's hard to stop. I have a great pattern for a felted vessel that you may like. It doesn't involve any knitting. Instead you use wool roving, a rubber ball, and stocking hose (with warm water and some soap). It's fun and easy and can take any shape you want!


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