My Love Affair With The Roll Brim

1:02 AM

Ok, it's official. I am more than in love with the roll brim. It's such a quick and easy knit that looks adorable on young and old alike. Emma Grace had birthday parties 2 weekends in a row! So I went to the needles and made them roll brims!

roll brim hat

This little hat looked perfect on it's fair skinned, blonde haired recipient. Of course, Emma Grace informed me that she didn't have a pink hat. To which I replied yes, you do. But it's not that color of pink. Oh, I see. Well, we might just have to remedy that!

For the next birthday party, Emma Grace decided it should be a hat with lots of color. So really this is her design.

roll brim

So if any of you share my obsession with the roll brim, check out this pattern. To make it fit a young child's head, I simply cast on an extra 8 stitches in the beginning and then followed the instructions.

There's lots of birthdays coming up in July in our little circle. My needles are going to be smokin! So stay tuned for what comes off them and into the birthday bag!

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  1. I WANT ONE! or 2...but I don't knit :(

  2. Those hats are adorable....probably made even more so by the cute, young model...

    I'm impressed. You must knit very fast. It would take me months to do one.

  3. Great idea!! Frugal, handmade, practical. Does it get any better than that??

  4. Gorgeous, Jen.... You're really mastering this knitting thing!

    By the way, I was just sitting here thinking and wondering how old E-G and J are. Not in age, but in how they've grown up since I last saw them. So, I have a request! I would love to read a post written and directed and photographed by them. May I request something like that?! :)


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