What To Do With An Empty Pringles Can

1:07 AM

pringles can art

Make a craft out of it, of course! For Brittany's birthday this past week, I covered a Pringles can with white card stock and gave it to Emma Grace to create a masterpiece! In the meantime, Joshua and I made Brittany's favorite flavor combination, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies! The can had that touch of homemade and provided a simple storage for those yummy cookies! And Emma Grace found a lovely flower that we stuck on top!

pringles can of cookies

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  1. Jen,
    In my kindergarten class we make snowmen with Pringle cans. We glue white sparkle felt around the body, use fleece for a scarf, glue buttons down the belly, use a wood plug painted orange for the nose, wiggly eyes and then they draw the mouth on. I hot glue fleece around the rim of the plastic lid, then tie a ribbon with a jingle bell around close to the top of the hat. We fill ours with mints for their parents. They are adorable.


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