Banana, Chocolate Spring Rolls

1:32 AM

So when we went to the Citrus Festival a few weeks ago, there was a food stand making banana and chocolate spring rolls. They were delish! And oh, so easy! Here's the scoop.

Buy spring roll pastry paper.
Slice a banana in half longwise and
then slice those 2 halves longwise, making 4 slices.
Place banana in corner. Sprinkle some chocolate chips on top.

placing the goods

Roll up, making sure to fold in sides as you go.

rolling up

almost rolled

You can even roll them up ahead of time and stick them in the fridge until ready to cook. When ready, heat oil in pan. When oil is hot, place rolls in pan. Brown on all sides.

all ready to cook

Let cool slightly or you will burn your tongue!

cooked roll

first bite


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  1. Yum!! Do you think I can get spring roll paper in a regular grocery store here? They look so good!! You are a talented woman!!!

  2. When I was in SA - Anneke, Zach and I did this with several layers of fillo and then baked them in the oven. Yummy and no oil:) Thanks for reminding me.


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