Eisteddfod Choir Competition

1:18 AM


This is the 3rd year I've gone to the Eisteddfod Choir Competition. But this time it was for my baby girl! She looked so big singing her heart out on stage! And with her cute pigtails! Below is her school singing. It's a little long but I had to post this for the family!

emma g singing

slippery fish

Seeing her with her friends reminded me of my school days. The short girl always on the front row!

emma and her friends

Afterwards all the kids enjoyed an ice cream at Wimpy's for a job well done!

all the friends

eating ice cream

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  1. I was the tall girl always on the back row - and doing any motions in the opposite direction because I was left-handed. Ah, the memories!

    Emma Grace sure is cute in those pigtails. :)

  2. That was gorgeous! I'm so impressed that she knew all the words! Even the Afrikaans ones! And that slippery fish song - my nieces sing it to me. So glad to hear how its meant to sound. Gotta say, I had a good laugh at the accents! Cuteness!


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