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I love hibernation in these parts. The close of the hibernating period is marked by warm weather which brings on snake sightings. Can you see why I love hibernation? Last week was the first sighting since the beginning of winter. The same snake spotted several times lying on the rock. Much speculation on what kind. Mamba? Cobra? Puff adder? All I know is myself and my kids are staying far, far away. I scared them so much that they didn't want to play outside! Oops! That wasn't my intention!

There are several items I own, however, that are in hibernation due to our housing downsize. I don't mind. It's a season. I know that. But I long to see my entire kitchen and my scrapbooking supplies come out! They've been hibernating long enough!

So while we brave the snakes, I long to see the walls of my house go up so that those things can come out of hibernation! Those snakes can keep their home in the ground!

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  1. Hibernation - sounds like a peaceful time!! So, does anyone do anything about the snake, or do you just let him be unless he's a threat? I'd be tempted to send out the brute squad...

  2. Girl this post gave me the heebie jeebies!!! Im sitting in my office with my feet on the desk, I feel like I have snakes crawling around me.


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