Kruger Outing

1:13 AM

I really hope you all don't mind all my Kruger posts (especially since the last one was just a few weeks ago!) But after traveling back and forth to S. Africa for 6 years and then living here for over 2, I'm still amazed by this African wildlife. I mean, really. Who shares the road with a 5 ton animal? Who follows a giraffe right before their eyes? Who watches hippos sunbathe on the shore? It's not normal by any means, and I love it! So please humor me as I post a sampling of my most recent excursion!


giraffe legs

lots of giraffes

checking the ear

2 giraffes

walking giraffe

elephant walking down the road

2 elephants



We enjoyed about 25 giraffe and about that many elephants! A lion spotting! Tons of hippos out of the water! Zebra, monkeys, buffalo, oh my!

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  1. I had the chance to go to Kruger when I was in SA just a few months ago. It was such an amazing experience - one that I will never forget!! I was continually reminded of God's creativity and power. Thank you for sharing it with me again!

  2. Beautiful pictures Jen! I hope the New Hope guys get to see this many amazing animals during their visit to Kruger!


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