Cousins Reunited

12:59 AM

holding hands

Jeremy, Zach, Anneke, Arielle, and Zoe all left a few weeks ago for a couple of weeks. All on the same day. Emma Grace was not only sad that her friend, and cousin, was gone, but was also bored out of her mind. Everyone has been back about 2 weeks now and you'd think that those girls were separated for an eternity. The reunion was quite dramatic and they have been inseparable ever since. I'm so glad they live so close to each other and love playing together. And I love it when they tie their babies on their back and walk around chatting like 2 mommies on a typical day!



babies on back

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  1. I can just see them, in 20 years, sitting down at a cafe, enjoying coffee with their babies beside them...talking about how little Susie barely slept a wink the night before...and little John...well, you know how boys can be....

    Great shots.....I love you Jen...not just because you can create beautiful knitted things...but you're so REAL...not to mention I'm secretly stealing your picture ideas....(shhhhh)



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