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My baby girl participated in her first musical last week! Her and five of her friends played bees in the classic short story, Ferdinand The Bull, a bull who would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights. The kids did such an excellent job and provided lots of laughter...a bull (played by a 5 year old boy) showing off his muscles, bees dancing and showing off their stingers, and the beautiful Spanish dancers waving their skirts. I think it was a bit surreal for Joshua as he watched his little sister performing. Just last year that was him up on stage!

the costume

buzzing bees

Ferdinand The Bull from Jen Price on Vimeo.


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  1. Lovely! I think the costumes and makeup are amazing.

  2. WHOAH, beautiful! Amazing!!!

    And, BTW....I just wanted you to know that the bread I was consuming so gluttony (on my blog pics, the scary ones) was your recipe from this blog. :) Its the Sunflower- Flax seed bread recipe you posted. I saw it and it was instant love. I had to make it. And I am still eating it today for basically every meal. I add Pumpkin seed to it and oat bran... the fiber content is really high... :)

  3. So cute! Jenn! Your sweet girl looks SO MUCH like you in that first picture. I feel like I'm looking into your eyes! Precious! :)

  4. SERIOUSLY!!! That's adorable! :o) Awww, so cute. Kids are amazing. Did you make her costume? I could see you doing that. :o)

    Well Dallas is home to me, and I have friends at the Tyler base from Colombia! :o) EEEK! So it would be a great trip to tyler all-around. :o) So that's like super perfect, Gahhhh. I'm so excited! :o) (really. :o))

  5. oh... I LOVE that story! The cork trees that Ferdinand likes to sit under are all over the southern part of Portugal. I saw some last week while on a trip!

    I'm excited about our upcoming Blog Party!! This is going to be fun!!


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