A Love Story

1:18 AM


Ten years ago today, magic happened as two lovers said, "I do." But actually the magic happened long before that day. It started on a l-o-n-g plane ride to India, where the two lover's seats just happened to be booked next to each other for a total of 5 flights and over 50 hours of flying. Yes, it was destined to be magic, especially when the male lover borrowed the female lover's pillow and returned it wet from drool. Can't you just feel the magic?

Some may not call India a lover's paradise, but amidst upset stomachs, diarrhea, and lots of curry it was just that. A very Happy Anniversary to my husband, the love of my life!

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  1. Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And, does he still drool??

  2. Happy Anniversary. I'm still amazed you can look at him that way and keep a straight face.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!

    Beautiful story...drool and all!

  4. 50 hours on planes... wow. I think that sounds like the perfect test to see if you were meant for each other. Clearly you are!! Happy anniversary!!!!!!!! Great photo, too!!

  5. I love how tender you are...and yet make room to mention diarrhea in your heart felt anniversary letter :)
    That's my friend!!!!

    I love ya, Jen, & wish you a very happy anniversary.



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