Swimming Lessons = Knitting Time

1:14 AM

The kids started a new swimming season this week. I always love taking that 30 minute window to sit in the garden, bask in the rays, and enjoy the quiet. I also enjoy one of my favorite past times. You guessed it! Knitting! My current project for Emma G's upcoming birthday is what's on my needles. Any guesses on what it is?!

emma g's gift


Yes, this twice a day, 8 month swimming season is going to produce lots of hand knits!

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  1. I don't know what it is, but I love the colour!

  2. you are so talented...love the detail!!

    I am guessing it's a sweater or vest.

  3. Looking forward to swimming season ourselves! Delighted to meet you. Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit. My 7 year old knows the names of most African animals as well, as we served in Kenya for a bit.

    Blessings from the rain,
    Sarah Dawn

  4. The detailing on the end makes me think it could be a sweater, scarf or wrap. The purple dyed yarn is beautiful!


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