10 Things...

12:48 AM

1. Raw veggies...so fresh, so healthy.
raw veggies

2. Papaya and banana breakfast
papaya and banana

3. Transitions...

4. A boy who seems to be growing up way too fast.
looking through the scope

5. Nieces!
niece and aunt

6. A little girl learning to write her name!
emma's name and art

7. Summertime flops
summertime flops

8. Saturday matinees
saturday movie

9. Rainy season
rainy sky

10. Candle In The Corner!!

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  1. Thank you for the smile! Absolutely delightful!

    Your food plates always look so much better than mine. :)

  2. Yeah, your food does look amazing!!! :o) You should compile a cookbook for college kids. ;o) Jus' sayin'.

    Hope you're doing welllll! :o) Only like.... a month till I see you guys! You said you'll be in Wiley as well rght??? :o) I'm so excited. I feel like I've gotten to know you so well since I left rather than while I was there. haha random! :o)

  3. How awesome to have your sister and her family there with you to share in this ministry!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    Your little ones are adorable!


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