Birthday Giftings And Other Handknits

12:49 AM

This is the last birthday post, I promise. I just couldn't go without showing you my birthday knits! You got a sneak peak of Emma Grace's gift here. Although the guesses were very good, none hit the mark. If anyone would've guessed it, I would have been shocked. It was a little backpack! I found this pattern in an Art Of Knitting magazine, and it prompted my purchase. It came out much bigger than I anticipated but so cute nonetheless.

emma's rucksack

look of surprise
I love the look on her face when she opened it.

backpack on

For Arielle's birthday, I purchased my first single pattern online. I saw it, loved it, and couldn't find anything else that I liked as much. So a haltermelon it was! Doesn't she look adorable?


arielle's haltermelon

The last of my most recent knits isn't a birthday gift but I had to throw it in here, because they are so stinking cute! We threw a surprise baby shower for our friends, Michael and Lindsey. They are expecting a boy in December. We had a window where all of our staff were actually here, so we seized the opportunity to bless them. I made these little booties in just a day. I think booties are going to be my new baby gift! They are so cute and quick!

ethan's booties

So that concludes Jen's latest knitting edition. You can be sure there's more projects on the brain!

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  1. Jenn! I'm finding it hard to believe that you haven't been knitting since you were a toddler! You are incredible!!!! And my hero...!

  2. These are amazing Jenn, I haven't picked up knitting needles since I was a girl scout but you are inspiring me! As the weather gets colder it will be nice to have something fun to do when I need a break from painting the house!

  3. I'm insanely a godly way.. LOL.. :) SPECTACULAR!

  4. You make me feel lazy....

    and extremely jealous......

    in a godly way of course!

  5. i always know if i need good photos of my girls i can just go to your flickr account.

  6. Those baby booties are adorable, as are the other things you have knit!

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, your children are beautiful and it looks like you are doing wonderful things in Africa!

  7. WOW-great site-I really enjoyed the pictures !! Thanks for brightening my day! Francis


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