Emma Grace...The Next Top Chef

1:04 AM

My daughter has had a muffin recipe rolling around in her head for days. Oh, yes. Over meal preparation, casual conversation on the couch, and leisurely outside walks, we've had chats on just the right ingredients to go into her tasty treats! We finally wrote down an ingredient list.

the ingredients

typing her recipe

And right away she started typing, so it can be safely stored on her computer. This girl has drive so don't surprised if she writes a cookbook someday!

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  1. That is adorable! I love those beginning written lists of words with the great big letters in various shapes!!!
    How old is Emma??? Why don't I know this???? She is really bright already doing the back stroke and writing lists and play typing! I will be eager to obtain her cookbook.... as a matter of fact... you guys could do one now...wouldn't that just be an adorable fund raiser???? I think so!!!!

    Regarding homeschooling and such... Annah is doing preschool stuff so we just do a mish mash of things and lots and lots of me reading to her but when she begins Kindergarten I am not sure yet what we will do. :) I home schooled Alan and Tiffany and you would think I would have this down to a tee but back in those days you only had a few things to choose from with ABeka being right up there at the top but nowadays... soooooooooooooo much to choose from that I think I will probably end up going to a book fair and getting Math from one place and Writing from another ya know???? Its just crazy!


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