Iced Green Tea

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iced green tea

Jeremy and I LOVE green tea, but I am kind of getting tired of buying it in the store. It has so much sugar in it. And Jeremy read somewhere that if you drink green tea with food cooked with chilies, they react with each other causing your metabolism to speed up. Hmmm...sounds like a reason to make green tea! I couldn't find a great recipe for green tea. I read something about not adding cold water to the tea because it destroys some of the flavor. I decided to just try my own recipe. Here's what I did.

For every one cup of hot water, add one tea bag.
For every cup, add 1 tablespoon of honey.

So I did 7 cups of hot water and threw in 8 tea bags, 8 tablespoons of honey, and then put a tray of ice cubes (that's why I did the extra tea bag and honey).

We had some tea before it was completely cooled and it left a weird aftertaste. The next day, after it had chilled overnight, I tried some over ice and I loved it. The aftertaste was gone and it was the light tea that I love, with a hint of sweetness.

I am open to try some new iced green tea recipes. Anyone have one?

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  1. I hate tea. :) I wish I loved it. Its SO good for you. I just can't stand it. I dont' like it hot. I don't like it cold. I don't like it over ice or with honey or with sugar or chocolate or candy.... Paul drinks hot tea like an addict. We buy it organically grown online from and then put it in tea eggs or made tea can make your own tea bags very easily with cheesecloth and a stapler... all that being said, I like your picture and your recipe and your initiative to create your own as it will be SO much better for you. :)


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