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You might remember my knitting tutorial I posted on how to get started with this wonderful craft. Once you get started, here's some helpful tips to help you get Beyond The Basics.

1. The best thing I did was push myself to try harder projects and learn new techniques. I think this is very key to knitting more than just a scarf. Start picking projects that make you learn more than just your simple knit and purl. M1, kfb, cabling, to name a few.

knitting in the round

2. Try different needles. I discovered that I LOVE knitting in the round! It's beautiful and seamless. Also don't be scared to try those double pointed needles!

3. Experiment with accenting your knits. Simple beading or felted flowers can really add a lot!


4. Start trying your own patterns. This has been really fun for me. As I've learned some basic pattern designs, I've tried them for my own patterns. It gives me such satisfaction knowing I've come up with something in my head and then created it with my hands!

5. Above all, have fun!

Some helpful sites...
As I tried to discover how to join stitches for knitting in the round, I realized it was very hard to find on the net! Then I found this video. Without this, I wouldn't have learned this simple yet vital technique.

Ravelry is a HUGE database of so many great patterns. Most are free, some are not. This is where I find the bulk of my patterns.

And this site is great if you want to try your hand at writing your own patterns. It will give you some knitting stitch patterns that you can turn into hats, scarves, sweaters, and more!

Also, browse knitting blogs. It will give you knitting inspiration and motivation!

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  1. Thanks, Jen! I just started a hat tonight with double pointed needles. Two things I have never done before in knitting. We have a ladies meeting at church tomorrow night and they are collecting hats for women battling with cancer. I found a pattern for a rolled brim, so that is what I am trying. So far it is turning out good. I hope I can finish before tomorrow night. I had already started the hat when I saw this post, but thank you for the link to the video for joining in the round! I will definitely do it that way on the next hat, which will be for this sweet boy that should be coming within the next 6 weeks. Thanks for all of your inspiration! I have been scared to try new things with knitting, but I am beginning to realize that it is not as bad as I thought it would be.

  2. hi jen! i wanted to tell you that i picked up knitting a few weeks ago, and i love it. i'm going to check out those sites. right now just doing scarves and little purses. but it's been great! i love all your projects, btw. :)

  3. btw, purple is me, susan chon. :)


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