Millipedes, Stick Bugs, And Frogs...Oh, My!

12:55 AM

Lately our house has been flooded by unexpected visitors. I guess there was a party I didn't know about! Sometimes they show up together and sometimes they prefer to show up alone. Now in the states, I was used to the occasional summertime mosquito, an ugly spider, or the ever famous ant trail, but I have to say I still haven't gotten used to what I find in my home here.

stick bug

Stick bugs, millipedes, and frogs have been the latest visitors, but we've also entertained snakes, lizards, a rat who saw our open door as an opportunity to come inside, birds, and let's not forget the monkey who perched itself on our gated door (sadly, I wasn't personally home to witness that one).


Now am I just the silly American who notices this strange posse, or is this really strange? I know this little tidbit doesn't help some of your impressions of Africa, but I'm just sayin, "I've found it all a bit strange lately..."

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  1. I haven't been nearly as innundated as you are (except maybe the time when a foot-high ant mound sprang up overnight in my Australian living room?!), but I do notice the different creatures that are prominent in different places we've lived. And for me, the differences lead to a heightened awareness.

  2. I would be utterly fascinated! It would be really awesome to have a monkey perched on my door. :) And the bug photos are outstanding! I think they are cuties.

    I like bugs. :)


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