Mitten Mania

12:47 AM

It's mitten mania around here as I've started on winter warmers and Christmas gifting. We are planning on flying back to the states in a few weeks (fingers crossed as we're missing one important piece - tickets!). Going from summer here to winter in the states is cause for something to keep our bodies warm!


So mittens for the kids and I it is! This pattern was so simple and quick. I discovered the cool thing about knitting with a patterned yarn is that it makes a pattern without changing yarns. The uncool thing about using a patterned yarn is it makes a pattern without changing yarns. How do you get those the same for a pair of mittens?! I still like them anyways and hope my kids do, too!

emma' mittens

Mine did turn out a little big. Obviously, because my daughter asked me if they were oven mitts! But they fit, and they will be warm. Maybe I can get them to shrink a little bit. I've always shyed away from the checking the gauge. Guess it's an important piece I need to start practicing!

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  1. These are great! I think the purple ones are a cute pair - Emma Grace can definitely pull off that look.

  2. Have a great time back in the States and enjoy of all the things you have been missing!

  3. Cute and btw, I saw some arm/wrist warmers at Target the other day. The first ones I ever saw was the pair you knitted!


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