Watching Day

1:00 AM

The other day was the first watching day of the season. Anticipation was building as Emma Grace repeatedly talking about the "surprise" she had for us. I was so impressed with their progress! Just last season, Emma Grace could barely do the starfish, and this season she's swimming the backstroke by herself! That was her surprise that she managed to not tell us for a whole week. Joshua, who used to be terrified of the water, is begging his teacher to let him go down the slide! And now the teacher is working with him on the butterfly stroke.

joshua's dive

emma's dive

the backstroke

coming off the slide

I love watching day! And I love seeing my kid's progress and how they are enjoying swimming...finally!

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  1. WOW!!!!! :o)

    What a PROUD MOMMA! :o)

    I seriously love following and watching your family on here. :o) I feel like I know you so much better! :o) At least in the know of what y'all are up to. :o)

    I totally was like Josh! :o) I was terrified of the water when I first started swimming but I went on to swim in HS, I wasn't the bomb that's for sure, but butterfly was my favorite stroke! :o) I'm not a good competitor, haha, I did it for fun. :o) I miss it for sure! :o)

    Congrats to Emma G for that surprise all week! :o) That's huge for a kid her age. :o) haha. So cute.

  2. Emma looks like a real pro and way to go Joshua!!! What a happy happy happy day! :)

  3. That is awesome! I had pictures of my kids in my head - they were excitedly heading off to swim class - last summer wasn't so great, lol.
    but I still have hope for them :)


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