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having fun

That word gets thrown around a lot here among our staff. When I look at these pics of just a sunny afternoon, everyone by the pool enjoying themselves and the company of one another, I can't help but ponder what makes up community and how do we achieve it?

by the pool

Webster defines community as basically a group of people living in the same place with a feeling of fellowship with one another. It almost sounds fun and glorious, right? But can you imagine living with, working with, and being friends with the same group of people? It is fun but it also takes work.

playing with zoe

One thing I've learned from being in ministry is that conflict comes. It just does. And it's natural. But the beauty of conflict is that it can be the gateway to intimacy if walked out properly. I believe the key to living in community is not ignoring conflict but being committed to walk in right relationships with each other. It's hard, it's scary, it's being vulnerable, but it's the key. The beauty of it is that you have the potential to live with, work with, and be friends with your closest friends. But to get that place takes commitment and hard work. Don't be scared of conflict, but face it remembering that the outcome of right and close relationship is the goal!

this pool photo set by brittany

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  1. Community is hard work, whether it's in a family, a neighbourhood, or a workplace - or, as you have, all three combined!

    The things I'm still learning are to (a) speak the truth in love, and (b) consider others better than myself. If only humility and love of others came naturally to me!

    Thankfully, God has blessed me with small children so I can have lots of practice being humble in serving and loving them. :)

  2. I'm so ready for our house to be finished so we can be out at the property with everyone. It will be so nice when hang out times like this will be a more normal occurrence for us. I'm sure there will be challenges that come along, too but I know that deeper sense of community will be worth it.


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