Every Pair Of Mittens Needs A...

12:16 AM

HAT! Hats and mittens just go together, right? They are like peas and carrots. Oil and vinegar. Winter and blankets. Ok, you get the idea. So after the mittens were done, I just knew they needed new hats. Besides, hats are like my favorite thing to knit!

smelling flower

For Emma Grace's hat I used the leftover yarn from her backpack. I love this hurricane hat! I think it is going to look so cute on her little head! I made a few slight changes to compensate for the bulky yarn and changing of sizes. I cast on 60 stitches using a bulky yarn on size 8 needles and then followed the rest of the instructions. Many thanks to my niece who so willingly modeled for me! (A girl will do anything for a lollipop!)

the hurricane

joshua's hat

For Joshua I chose this pattern from Through The Loops. Knit on double pointed needles from the crown down, it was quite different to knit. I love this pattern but I will admit that I'd rather knit a hat on a circular than dpn's. Many thanks to Emma Grace's baby doll for modeling this hat for me!

joshua's hat

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  1. So, where and when did you learn to knit---these are some amazing hats and LOVE the backpack!! WOW!!!

    Gotta have someone make you some peanut soup!!!

  2. Both hats are fabulous - you're really good at this! Not that I'm surprised, my talented friend.

  3. So, how long does it take you to whip up one of those extraordinary hats?

  4. Oh! Your hats make a perfect pair for your awesome mittens :o) Hmmm...Yeah, my question is like LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby... How long does it take for you to knit those?

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (Thankyou so much for stopping in! It is such fun to find comments :o) And thank you for your kind words about the art that I do. The Lord has truly blessed me with something I LOVE to do and I am thankful that others are interested in them too :o) I am self-taught. Come back any time :o) I try to post drawings along the way as I get orders completed.

  5. Hey! That first purple hat, is basically the exact same one that one of my friends made me, but in just gray! :o) I LOVE IT!!! :o) In San Antonio it doesn't get cold, so I have worn it a whole ... 2 times??? lol! :o) But I'm not a fan of winter, so it's ok. haha. i love that hat though!


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