A Farewell Calling For A Handmade

12:12 AM

We will always love Teacher Vikki! She was Joshua's teacher for the first year and a half of his schooling and Emma Grace's first teacher! She would've been Emma Grace's teacher next year, too, but sadly, she is moving. :(

End of the year teacher gifting and favorite teacher moving called for some hand knit and hand made goodness! (I can usually find any excuse for some hand knitting!)


knitted cozy

I made her a little tea cup cozy along with some azteca hot chocolate drinking mix. I'll post the recipe soon! But I'll leave you with one cute little girlie and her favorite first teacher!

emma & teacher vikki

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  1. How sweet! And I love that tea cozy.

  2. what an adorable gift. i taught for a year and loved gifts that were personal and handmade. so special!

  3. Ummm... yeah, that tea cozy would look SO cute in my hands..... jus' sayin'. I'm seeing you in Dec. right???? hahha. Just kidding! :o)

    What a great idea though! And that recipe, I'm def. keeping my eyes open for that! Sounds soooo good. :o)

    Hope you're doing swelllllll.

  4. Super cute idea! I need to get thinking about Christmas gifts for our girls' teachers, as well.

  5. What a great gift for Emma's teacher - I know she'll love it. It's got Chocolate!!!

    I wish I could knit or your patterns could be changed to crochet - there are so many neat patterns for knitting.

    I'm following from the Chickadee hop and would love a follow back when you aren't knitting. =D

    Tina "The Book lady"


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