It's Called Snail Mail

11:50 PM

Back in August, I came across this blog. I love discovering fellow knitters all over the world! Anyway, through an exchange of comments and such, we decided to do a washcloth swap! From Australia to South Africa! So fun! I'm usually knitting for other people so I was so excited to knit for someone else and receive something in return!

I knit the waffle cloth...

knitted cloths

stack of cloths

I patiently waited and waited and waited some more for my cloths to arrive. After over two months sadly they still didn't make it, and I left for the states. It gives snail mail a whole new meaning! My friends in S. Africa are on the lookout for them so hopefully I will have some new cloths when I go back!

I highly encourage you to visit Jelly Wares. She's got some super cute patterns on there!

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  1. It takes sooooo long sometimes, doesn't it?! Here's hoping your friends' watchfulness is rewarded soon!

    The waffle knit is lovely! I would hesitate to use something so beautiful as a wash cloth (thinking of the dirty feet I've been scrubbing recently). Are they sturdy?


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