Sometimes Girls Just Gotta Have Fun

11:50 PM


Emma Grace and I had a much needed girls day out last week!  I had been thinking of a fun mother/daughter day.  Well, we had fun.  We had laughs.  We had sweet little giggles as we went to one of my favorite girly spots...a tea room! 

eating pie

We went to a sweet little place, Into My Garden, where we enjoyed lunch, chocolate pecan pie, and watching the babies in the nursery. 

looking at the babies

I've realized even more so lately that these precious one-on-one moments with my children are not an option but a must!  You can never have too much bonding, memory making, or sweet giggles!

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  1. One-on-one is my FAVORITE! I love being a family, but 'alone' is a diamond among the treasure.

    Glad you had a fun day together - both of you will remember it well!!

  2. Where will you guys be spending Thanksgiving? The tea room looks like a blast!!

  3. I agree, I love those photos... Kids are such a blessing♥


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