Cozy Up To The Last Giveaway Of The Year!

11:50 PM

So I have one more special giveaway this year!  I did a little planning and brought back a little something special from South Africa for you.  Here in the Northern Hemisphere it's been getting a little chilly.  I know for my Southern Hemisphere friends who are battling the heat it's hard to imagine the opposite weather.  It hasn't been overly cold here in Texas but the sparse chilly days are gearing us up for the colder weather ahead.  So up for grabs I have a mug, a knitted cozy, and a box of rooibos tea...straight from Africa!

cozy giveaway

To enter, simply leave a comment stating your favorite way of warming up during the cold winter months.  Giveaway ends one week from today on December 11th.  I'll pick a winner at 9 PM CST.

If you want to make your own mug cozy, here's the simple pattern I like to use.

Size 7 needles
Size 7 double pointed needles
Worsted or Aran yarn
one button
embroidery floss

CO 40 sts.
*k2, p2* for 2.5 in. or desired width
BO in same ribbing

Using dpn’s, CO 2 sts.
Work in i-cord for 2 in.

Weave in ends
Sew on i-cord
Sew on button

*I chose on the above cozy to skip the i-cord and sew on 3 buttons.  You can make it to your liking!


And the winner is...

Jelly Wares said...
Gorgoeus Jen!!! I love snuggling up with a good book in front of the open fire... It's 45'C here today so that's definitely off the cards for a while... LOL!!! Jodie xx

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  1. So fun! I have to say coffee or hot chocolate is my favorite...

  2. I love it!!!!!!! We haven't ad any Rooibos for a while now, would really love some♥

  3. For me, the only way to warm up is sinking into a super hot bubble bath or sitting directly in front of a heater layered in Afghans and sipping on something hot.

  4. Food and lots of food..

    What can I say?

  5. Cold? Winter? I'm having a very hard time believing it's almost Christmas.

    I love warming up with a hot water bottle on my feet and a blanket over my legs and feet. But then I just don't want to move!!

  6. We had our first snow today and to warm up we lit a fire in the fireplace! I also love a good cup of tea.

  7. What a great giveaway; what a pretty cozy! Let's see, I like to warm up next to our fireplace or better to my hubby ;)

  8. Fire, warm blanket and coffee!!!

    I would love to have this mug warmer!!!

  9. Hot chocolate by a fire for sure is my way to staying warm! :o) And good life conversations add a little bit too. ;o)

    Hope you guys are doing so well! :o) Are y'all in Texas or where??? I'll be in Dallas this weekend are you there???

  10. Gorgoeus Jen!!!
    I love snuggling up with a good book in front of the open fire... It's 45'C here today so that's definitely off the cards for a while... LOL!!!

    Jodie xx

  11. I love a cup of tea or hot chocolate on a cold winter's nigh.
    I in my slippers and the fire turned up high.
    The children all nesltled close to my side.
    And Christmas music playing behind.
    (This is soulnding like the beginning of a good book)

    Our family loves to snuggle by the fire place with lots of sweets like hot cocoa and stuff for s'mores. And I would love to win this giveaway and experience a piece of Africa in my own living room next to the fire.


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