Filling Christmas Orders...Complete

11:46 PM

I am officially finished filling the Christmas orders and got them in the mail just in time.  Whew!  Here's what some lucky people out there are receiving!

A basic beanie.  Perfect for that guy who doesn't like anything too extravagant.  Now available in my shop!

basic beanie

More flower power hats!  I love creating ones with new colors!

flower power hats

cream flower

turquoise flower

And finally some knit cloths.  I like to call these chocolate and vanilla scoops!  Because that's what they look like to me!  I made some simple waffle pattern cloths and the ever traditional grandmother's cloths!

waffle knit cloths

grandmother's favorite

That concludes my Christmas orders.  Just wait until you see my knits for my kids!  Coming up soon!

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  1. Well done! These look fantastic!!

  2. I am so impressed that you are self do an excellent job!

    I know....while you are on sabbatical you should teach some of us how to knit...hahaha!!!

    Also, wanted to let you know I love the new layout at the top...


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