The Gingerbread House...Our Little Tradition

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gingerbread house

It's very rare that we spend Christmas in our home.  In fact, last year was the first year that we actually spent Christmas day in our own home.  Since we're usually traveling, it can be hard to develop our own family traditions.  But the one tradition that we do every year is decorate a gingerbread house!  The kids love it and they remind me about it every year.

working together

As we frosted the roof with "snow," the conversation gravitated toward our most memorable gingerbread house.  Last year's "try to make it from scratch that fell apart gingerbread house!"  It took more time as we rolled out the gingerbread only to have it come crashing down after it was beautifully decorated!  Yes, memories! 


Then we talked about St. Nicholas and the story of long ago (thanks, readers, for your Santa input!)  St. Nicholas gave gifts but God gave the greatest gift when He sent His son as a babe to die for our sins.  We talked about how Christmas isn't about the gifts we can get but about giving to others just as Jesus gave His life for us.  Joshua quoted us John 3:16 and Romans 3:23.  Makes a mama proud!  

proud designers
the artists and their work

Past gingerbread house masterpieces...2006, 2007, 2008.

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  1. Do you have a recipe or buy a kit? How did you do that when in Africa?
    I need some ideas!

  2. Spectacular !! Tiffany and Annah made one from a kit last year.It was fun to see! I would love to make some Gingerbread men but feel so lost.... i'd have to find a cutter...and eyes and nose and a mouth and a recipe....

  3. What a cute gingerbread house and a great tradition. We do gingerbread houses too. I bought a kit a few years ago where we make our own gingerbread house parts...but it ended up being more time consuming and expensive and where I didn't even want to do it.

    This year my 10yr. old begged to do the gingerbread house. So I bought the kit for $9 at the store. So much easier, fun, and less expensive. I'll be doing that again. :-)

  4. Looks fantastic! What a great tradition!


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