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letter to santa
To download the above Santa letter template, go here.

Every year I have this inner battle with the whole Santa thing.   Do I let my kids believe in someone who doesn't really slide down the chimney bringing them their wish list gifts, or do I tell them there's no such thing as Santa?  I do, however, like them writing letters.  Other than their birthday, it's the time of year that I buy (or make!) them gifts, so it's nice to know what they would like.  And it's nice to have an answer when the grandparents ask me what they would like.

writing his letter
he's really into star wars these days!

As we sat and wrote out a Christmas Wish List, the kids and I had a discussion about Santa and Jesus.  I want them to know that Christmas isn't all about getting but also about giving.  That Jesus gave His life for us.  It's not an easy concept for a child to understand, but my heart was overjoyed when they agreed, "Jesus is more important than Santa!"


This year I've encouraged the kids to make something for their sibling.  It's really fun and cute to hear them talk about and think of ideas.  Emma Grace often tells me of her plans in hushed giggles.  So cute!  

letter to santa

So thanks for reading my rambled thoughts.  I'd love to hear yours on the Santa subject!

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  1. Much of the same conflict...but my oldest is 22 now and the youngest is 10.

    Each family will have it's own convictions but for our family here's what we've done.

    We've always told the truth. We explain how Santa originated from St. Nicholas and we talk about the giving nature of St. Nicholas and how the world has changed how St. Nicholas is portrayed. But the whole reason for this season is the birth of Jesus and how God loved us sooo much He gave us the gift of His Son.

    Santa is fun....but Jesus is real.

    We give gifts to show our love for one another. However, a gift isn't always monetary. Christmas is so much more than just giving and getting "gifts". It's the spirit of LOVE and generosity and good will toward our fellow man. What can we do to show God's LOVE?

    I like to tease my children that Santa is the one who leaves their stockings...since St. Nicholas put money in stockings.

    We don't shun Santa...but we keep him in his place. In our house we have fun with Santa and we emphasis the "Jesus like reflection" of Santa...[his giving, loving, kind, and generous nature] but in the end Santa is really no different than Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph...

    We also celebrate Advent by reading an awesome story devotional every night. The story progresses through the month about a boy who suffers serious consequences to his disobedience and ends with the birth of Christ.
    Just another way to keep the focus on Christ.

    Santa is a tool...and how a tool is used depends on the one using it..

    Blessings as you figure out how Santa fits in your home.

  2. Oh I love how Debbie O said it.

    I always tell my kids the truth...Santa is just a man dressed up having fun. I do not exactly know how this happened but as I explained to her about Santa she asked me "Is God Real" and in the same breath she said "God isn't real either is he mommy?" I admit I was taken back... I thought I was doing a good job of pointing her to God and that God is very real and santa isn't... but at 4 years old it caused her make sure to verify that.

    I grew up believing Santa to be a real jolly man from the North Pole and tried to be super good every year to get gifts and it didn't effect my belief in God and I never thought that my parents deceived me but I would think that its possible that some children could grow up with a mixed bag of emotions if their parents told them Santa was real for years and then they find out he's not.

  3. I'm still trying to figure it out (since we're not even trying to get pregnant yet!).. but my thoughts sound like everyone else's here.. We'll see what we end up with.. I'm thinking the truth like Debbie.


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