My Blank Canvas

12:00 AM


When I mentioned journaling about this sabbatical, the comments were pretty much unanimous in agreement with me. "YES!"

So I decided on the moleskine journal from Barnes and Noble.  So clean, so fresh, so blank.  Just waiting to fill my thoughts and creativity!

blank pages

It's been so long since I've consistently journaled, over 10 years ago, to be exact.  When I started blogging, it became an online journal of sorts.  But I feel, as I lean a little closer to God during this sabbatical, there will be some things that are just going to be too personal to share and too important not to record.  So here starts my blank canvas...

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  1. I find blank journals so intimidating... you'll have to tell us when you make your first mark!

    You'll love journalling again. Enjoy!

    p.s. The new header image is fun! :)

  2. Love your new look! I love new journals too! Yours is so pretty, I usually just get notebooks from Walmart! :) But I also do not take care in mine...I scribble, write with my eyes closed ...specially if I'm thinking hard... or praying hard... lol... I guess my thoughts are too careless to be on pretty parchment... or rather I'm just not careful enough when I write.

  3. I love that journal Jen, I bet you'll have some precious time writing thoughts and stories... I'd advice to journal in the company of a good cup of coffee ;) Blessings♥

  4. Ok... while I was writing the comment Emma was jumping and dancing (quiet distracting) I forgot to say, I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!!!


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