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11:52 PM

Actually I think it's been the past couple of weeks, I have been working on filling some hat orders!  It's been fun coming up with ideas and then putting them to work!  Some have turned out great and some I have ditched because the idea in my head and the hands that were knitting them didn't seem to line up!  So here are the hat styles that are hot off my needles.

Roll Brim, Holy Hat, and Flower Power
knitted hats

Flower Power and Seeded Band
pink hats

Cable Love
cable love

All of these are available for purchase in my store!

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  1. I meant to post this yesterday....Just wanted to
    comment on your taking a sabbatical. You and
    your family so deserve it, you have done an
    amazing job with the children of Africa. What a
    life changing experience for your children and
    all they have learned about giving back. You
    are amazing.

  2. THANK YOU!! I love your store! I got two necklaces for Christmas presents! Wish I could get some for myself here in Russia, but maybe I can do that when I go stateside next time. LOVE it all!!!!
    My mom had requested that hers and my dad's Christmas gifts be donations to African Feeding Stations through their church but we are secretly giving my mom something on the side this is sooooo perfect for her!!

  3. Those are lovely Jen! if only I could wear them here in Brazil... Hope you get to rest and renew strength and blog a bunch! Hugs♥


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