They Worked So Very Hard

11:54 PM

In the hustle and bustle of finishing up the lovely hand mades, I'm glad I wasn't alone!  I'm so glad I encouraged the kids to make something for their sibling this year.  A few prompting ideas to get the creativity flowing, and they were off!  The attention to detail and the love that went into these little gifts was priceless.  It's definitely something we'll do every year.  No matter if the sibling loves it (which I know they will) getting their little minds on someone else, if but for a moment, makes it all worth it.

Aren't these precious?!

foam gifts


Joshua chose a foam picture album and frame and decorated it just for his sister.  And Emma Grace drew a precious picture, and then we printed it on iron on paper and ironed it to a shirt for her brother!  I tried to convince Emma G to draw a small picture, but no, she went all out for her favorite brother!  I can't wait to see them open up their gifts!

Speaking of lovely creativity, I just received my Creativity Calendar in the mail and it's awesome!  I am SO happy with how it turned out!  You can buy it on Lulu and get 20% off with coupon code HOHOHO.  It's also available on Amazon!

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  1. These are great gifts! Your kids did a wonderful job.

    Especially love the "me An u" on the frame. Awwww.

  2. That's what I call the "spirit of Christmas"...great ideas.

    Like the iron on transfer...may have to use that one myself.

  3. I love those cute gifts :) it an awesome idea and that shirt is just adorable... Great job with the calendar Jen I love it!

  4. How sweet, and fun! Hope you guys are doing well. We sure miss you around here. Tell Emma G and Joshua that Isabelle and Ethan say hi and to have a Merry Christmas.


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