What Will I Write About?

12:16 AM


I am very excited to be going on sabbatical, but some days I think, "What will I write about?"  The richness and beauty of Africa takes your breath away and provides me with so much to talk about!  The tales of a foreigner living in a strange land, orphans receiving knitted blankets, a new home built for a family, traipsing through Kruger National Park.  Yes, there is much to talk about.  So what will you be hearing from now?  Oh yeah, my homeschooling adventures, all the crafting I'm looking forward to, family adventures, and the thoughts that will be rolling around my head.  Yes, it's going to be grand.  I bet you can't wait!

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  1. You're right! I can't wait!! :)

    Enjoy all of this - the break, the new topics, cold weather at Christmas, everything! :)

  2. I went through a big "blog-risis" when we moved back home.

    Our blog was intended to act as a Newsletter/website. It was from "us" to a wide audience- from little grandma's faithfully praying to us, strangers we had met along the way who only knew our ministry, to long time friends I wanted to really share with.

    It was a huge adjustment to feeling like I have NOTHING To say in the states. What is interesting about Wal-Mart? Or the mail man? I don't know where you will be for your sabbatical but know that everything is interesting!!!

    Enjoy your time off...


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