When It Snows In Texas...

12:21 AM

You have to take advantage of it!  When we moved to Connecticut, we received our fair share of snow.  In fact, the year we moved there it snowed until April!  Joshua quickly grew to love the snow and the sledding adventures we had.  Since we left Connecticut, we haven't seen much snow.  South Africa doesn't quite get snow (well, they do in the mountains down south but not in our neck of the woods).  So Joshua has been begging to see snow since we arrived.  Well, not only did he get some snow, but he got a white Christmas!  Much fun has been had in the cold, whiteness that filled the yard.  Can't you tell?

having fun

throwing at the photographer

one big snowball

making a snow ball

licking the snow

throwing snow balls

eating snow


snow angel

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  1. Wow!! You did get a lot of snow. Where in Texas? I'm outside of McKinney and we only got a light coating. Most of it melted by Christmas day.

  2. Fabulous! I love how everyone is keeping warm and looking great in their hand knits!

  3. I didn't realize you were still in Texas (thought you were settling on the East Coast) but we didn't get that much in Princeton...Oklahoma was a different story however!

  4. Awesome pix. You really captured it.

  5. Came by via the BlogHer headlines...cute post! Here in MN...I feel like we have snow year 'round! We do enjoy it...but, geepers, it doesn't hafta stay soooo long!! ;)


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