Speaking Life

12:18 AM

It’s been a hectic week. With news of death, destruction, and sickness all around, a heaviness sets in. My friend’s death, the terrible destruction in Haiti, news of a dear friend’s family member fighting cancer. It’s overwhelming. And I tend to wear that heaviness on my shoulders, and it affects all of those around me.

love my boy!

None of this is about me. I have feelings and emotions surrounding all of this that creates a somber spirit, but my heart is heavy for the loved ones that are left behind. 

sweet girl!

But today I am choosing to speak life in the midst of all this.  Not to bury it under the rug and not properly mourn, but simply to speak life, think of the things I am thankful for, and smother my family with love and squeezing them a little tighter, instead of taking my heaviness out on them.

Hope your weekend is full of life surrounded by your loved ones!

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  1. I've been wondering how you're processing this all. The Lord tells us to be thankful within all the movements of life and I've asked Him to reward your purposing today.

  2. Speaking Life. That is sometimes the only way to keep moving along even when your heart feels so heavy and your feet like they are in cement. Though sorrow tends to be around us all the time, sorrow, tragedy, death and destruction...there are those moments in life that its right in the middle of our hearts...right in front of us that we can't turn left or right without feeling its greatness... so speaking life... a mighty way to keep going.


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