Christmas Swap

12:25 AM

No, I didn't mix up what season it is.  I participated in a Christmas Swap back in December and I've waited to post about it until my swap item arrived.  I think my luck is following me to Texas because it still hasn't arrived after 3 weeks!  What in the world!  Or maybe I should ask, "Where in the world?!"

So before it gets too far into the New Year, I thought I would go ahead and show what my swap partner, Abby from My Love Is, received.  Now remember, this was right in the middle of filling Christmas orders and the knitting madness for my kids.  What was I thinking?  But it's so fun to do a little swapping (even if yours doesn't show up or takes an extremely l-o-n-g time to get to you!)

I had my eye on some Christmas ornaments but without a tree of our own, I refrained from making them.  So when this swap opportunity from Jelly Wares came, I was excited to try one of them out!  I made a poinsetta ornament and a snowflake cloth.  Truly in the spirit of the season!

poinsetta ornament

snowflake cloth

I wanted to do more, but you know, time didn't permit.  Next time...  I'll let you know if my swap arrives!

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  1. Your blog with nice with nice picture of snowflake cloth.. Enjoyed your blog very much. Keep up the good work.

  2. BOO!! I can't believe it hasnt arrived! We loved your swap parcel just in time for xmas! I can report that the washcloth has been through the washer and drier several times and is still super soft!


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