Feeding The Ducks

12:18 AM

duck feet

duck on lake

One of the great things about Texas in the winter is, sprinkled in with the wintry, cold days, you get bursts of 60 degree weather.  Perfect for an outdoor experience without having to bundle up too much.  Before Christmas we had one of those bursts of warm weather.  We took advantage and went and fed the ducks!

hungry duck

Those ducks ate every morsel we threw to them, with the older and bigger ones exercising their seniority to get to the front of the line.  Emma Grace felt compassion for those smaller ducks but couldn't quite get her throw far enough to reach them.  She tried!

throwing bread

Hope you're able to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air this winter season!

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  1. When your posts came up at odd hours (early!) before, I thought it was due to a time difference in S. Africa. But now that you're in TX, it seems you might just be a night owl!

  2. You captured some amazing detail of that duck's feet. Wow!

    Where in Texas are you?

  3. What gorgeous pix Jen!!! A great way to pass the time with your loved ones...

    Jodie... :)


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