Italian Meatball Soup

11:57 PM

italian meatball soup

I haven't made many of Pioneer Woman's recipes, but I love her site.  She's amazing with everything she does!  When the weather started to turn cold this week, I decided to make something hearty and ran across her Italian Meatball Soup.  It turned out good.  Joshua ate his whole bowl which usually says something!  I think next time I would add a bit more salt or some kind of seasoning.  I was in a hurry to get it on the table and didn't do a proper taste test before serving.  But it is good and has lots of great veggies in it!

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  1. ohhhh YUM!! thanx for the link. I used up a whole bunch of our tomatoes today making a similar tomato style italian meatball soup.... can't wait to give this version a go yours looks awesome!

  2. That sounds absolutely delicious... You always make this things that leave me craving ♥ Thanks for sharing!


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