Jazzing Up Brown Rice

12:13 AM

brown rice and salmon

I buy brown rice because it's healthy, but to be honest, the taste doesn't wow me!  So I like to jazz it up a bit.  I needed some inspiration the other day and came across this recipe.  I've added veggies before to my rice, but pecans?  I've never thought of that.  It was fabulous.  Great flavor and texture with these little nuts.  I omitted the raisins.  It sounded like more of a pilaf by adding those and that's not what I was going for with my salmon!

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  1. That looks so tasty! I love salmon.

  2. Your brown rice and salmon looks deliscious!
    We eat brown rice too...Hm...with pecans is a new idea to me. I'd love to try that next time or maybe almonds. I'm not a big raisin fan, but my dad sure is (I'll tell him to try that out :o)

    Blessings & aloha!
    (thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment! I love to read what you have to say :o)

  3. This looks really good! Wonder if my hubby would like brown rice more if I added pecans, not something I ever would have thought of.

  4. I love adding pecans to my brown rice and one of the best flavors to add to brown rice is sesame oil... add sesame oil,coarse sea salt,pecans and your peas and carrots and whatever else and yummy yummy yummy!

  5. Thanks for writing something about Iso 4032 Nuts. Keep posting and i will bookmark your blog.


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