Labor Of Love

12:05 AM


There were many opportunities
To learn, to work, to stay
But instead your hearts responded
To a calling far away

A growing crisis magnified
Disease and loss defined
The children's cry resounded
In the spirit of your mind

Their parents just a memory
Their houses not a home
They wondered who would care for them
And why they were alone

So you introduced them to the One
Who promised to never leave
You gave them hope and confidence
And taught them to believe

In answer to the question, Who will go?
You said, "Send me."  His reply?
"As you've done it to the least of these,
You've done it unto Me."

Diana Hickman-Platt
December 24, 2009

Someone I've known for quite a while wrote this for us and recently gave it to us.  I read it and think, "But I'm nothing special.  Just one of many who is following Jesus on this journey called life."  But I post it, because I was so blessed by reading it.  Someone taking time out to hear from God for us.  It's humbling and amazing at the same time.  Through her obedience I am blessed.  And then I am reminded of obeying God when He tells us to encourage others.  Whether it be through writing them a poem, calling to see how they're doing, or baking someone some cookies.  We should never underestimate those simple nudgings, because through our simple obedience, someone's day is sure to be brightened.  Let's be challenged to encourage someone today!

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  1. So beautiful, very very beautiful!
    It is very very special to GO...People often ask me "Why do you want to go when there is so much to be done HERE and I say... because there are SO many people HERE who CAN do it here and not many to GO... thats if I want to GO then I should GO because there is less people to spread around the world areas of devastation and poverty than the immense amount of Christians and resources already HERE to do plenty...... and I am one still here... just wanting to GO.

    I love Diana!!! :)


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