New Stock In My Shop Calling For A Giveaway!

11:48 PM

First I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased items from my shop!  It has been such a warm welcome as I've stepped out into selling my hand mades.  The proceeds have been safely tucked away for that family vacation we are hoping to take!

After Christmas I started re-stocking my little shop and adding some new inventory!  Most new items you have seen here, but they are now available for purchase!

In the Chocolate And Vanilla Scoops series...

Waffle Cloths
waffle knit cloths

Grandmother's Favorites
grandmother's favorite

New colors in the Triangle Cloths...
lake/almond cloths

triangle cloths

Doll dresses...
blue dress
more colors in the shop

And with Valentine's Day around the corner, Valentine's Day cards!
valentine's day cards

To celebrate my new stock and new items, I'm offering a giveaway!  Have I mentioned that I love giveaways?  Here's how it works.  To enter, visit my shop, take a look around, and then come back here leaving a comment on which item you would like to win should you be chosen via  (And also if there's any items you would like to see for sale over there, let me know that, too!)  And this time you can earn extra entries!  Additional entries can be earned by promoting the giveaway on facebook, twitter, or writing about it on your blog.  Just come back here and leave an additional comment with the link.  Comments will close January 26th at 9 PM CST.  Happy commenting!

And the winner is...The Herd!  Some waffle cloths coming your way!

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  1. Love all your items, Jen!

    Blank, no occasion note cards are hard to find here in Perth, and I would love to have some of yours!

  2. I agree---I love them all, but I especially like the waffle cloths and all the wash cloths!

  3. All your note cards are great...I really like the hands and feet ones.

  4. I would love your animal note cards! I tweeted, facebooked, and blogged your giveaway.
    I really want those cards...

  5. Facebook-

  6. Blog-

  7. Twitter-

  8. I would have to go with the calendar.

  9. I like lots of things there, but the coin purse is awfully cute! If I buy something how long does it take to get it?

    p.s. I'm Britt's aunt...

  10. By the way, my sis in law---loves her cloths and her soap!!! THanks!

  11. I think the chocolate and vanilla scoop washcloths are adorable! You make some very pretty things. I wish I could knit as quickly as you do. It takes me days to do one washcloth!

  12. Personally, I love your calender and note cards! :o) (probably b/c I love photos!) The hands/feet are my favs.

    Also what I would like to see in the store is the super fun mug-warmers that you made at one point? I'm pretty sure you did at least. I don't remember! :o)

  13. Oh, and I posted a blog post. :o) And added a link! :o)

  14. I absolutely love all your stuff! My favorite is the Cable Love hat!
    Claretta Kaufman

  15. I love everything, but I think I would like the waffle cloths the best! Brittany deserves to win for working the hardest to get those cards :-)

  16. Than you so much! I can't wait to see them!

  17. Yeah. Sounds great. The Harris Family can't wait to see the Price family this weekend!

  18. Oops! I was in a hurry and then went back to read your post-I love the art notecards-so awesome (especially since I teach an art class:)


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