An Outing With My Son

12:13 AM

eating lunch

Yesterday was a special day.  My son and I went on a little running errands outing.  I dragged my little bud over all the place.  Places that weren't necessarily on the top of his list.  Craft stores, yarn shops, clothing stores, and even grocery shopping!  Every 7 year old boys nightmare!  But he was such a good sport.

in changing room

You know what I realized on this little outing?  I don't always have to plan a special something to go out.  Sometimes just being asked and spending time together is enough.

trying on clothes
photo by joshua

We didn't talk about saving the world or how to build an awesome lego jet fighter.  No, we just laughed, giggled, and chatted about nothing in particular.  He offered me priceless fashion tips and helped me put the groceries in the cart.  We simply enjoyed each other's company and it was so very refreshing.

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  1. Ooooh, priceless fashion tips! Love it!

    So glad you guys had a great day out. :)

  2. Wonderful times!

    I'm glad you took along your camera!

  3. Sounds like a great day out spending quality time with your son...

    Jodie :)


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