Resolutions...Or Goals?

12:10 AM

Is there anyone else out there who doesn't like New Year's Resolutions?  If so, feel free to join my camp!  It's just that I feel like if I don't hold to it, I'm failing.  I don't like that feeling.  I do, however, like that fresh start.  A new year.  It's like a clean slate.  A new year of memories, growth, and fun times!  These are a few things I'm looking at as the new year starts...

  • finding a house to make a home while we are in Texas.  We have a car...we just need a dwelling.
    • continuing to grow in patience and exercising it regularly.
    • growing in motherhood and learning to be a better mom.  I know this sounds generic, but as the busyness and distractions wind down, I look forward to focusing more on my kids and their needs in this season of their lives.  I look forward to giving more of my attention to them rather than my job titles.
    • learning to truly rest.  I'm not talking about sleep but about deep rest in my spirit.
    • figuring out this home schooling thing!
    I'm sure there's much more that will come to mind in the coming weeks but this is what's on my mind now.  What are you looking forward to as the New Year starts?


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    Happy New Year, friends!

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      1. I'm standing next to you on the resolution thing. I love the freshness of a new year but the pressure to set goals and for a whole YEAR!! Ahhhhh YUK!
        I'm also right next to you on the patience and the learning to truly rest...... such a tricky one!

      2. I also don't care for New Year resolutions...but I do like to take stock of some things I'd like to do differently or better.

        I think you have some great and very attainable goals. Focusing on being a mother is often neglected and something you will NEVER regret.

        And seeing how you picked up knitting...I think you will do just fine with homeschooling. I also homeschool and have been doing it for 16 years. I'd be happy to answer any questions.

        And may I suggest some resources. I am giving you many on Charlotte Mason which is by far one of the most enriching and liberating methods of schooling I've come across.

        Another resource to check out is My Father's World.

        Just take a deep breath....lean on the Lord...and enjoy this time with your children. This is going to be a GREAT year!!

      3. I guess I just don't take the whole making resolutions seriously...typically don't even try it or make any. I kinda sound like a Scrooge or something don't I! :)

        I will pray you find a perfect place for your family to 'dwell' as home while you are here! If you had a camper or something... but thats not homey really is it. And its so cold...


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